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{ tejp | audio tags | glitch }

: intention :
this project explores various possibilities for overlaying personal traces and information on public spaces through different mediums and behavior patterns. it is our hope that {tejp} will transform spectators into players and encourage playful ways to personalize territory in the public realm. we also hope to connect local communities by providing a space and sounding board for existing social relationships.

'tejp' is swedish for 'tape' and is pronounced [tape].

: inspiration :

     graffiti & other forms of street art
     methods of detournement



: approach :

a series of low-tech prototypes {1}, inspired by existing street cultures (ie.graffiti) {2}, are carefully designed to fit into the urban setting, and are tested on site with the incorporation of guerrilla style tactics and placement. the prototypes will explore whether the following influence content, behavior, and response of participants:

qualitative catalysts
physical attributes
interaction procedures
technical possibilities

the goal is to develop more elaborate prototypes. their design will be informed by the findings of this series of experiments, so that its application will be coherent with people’s use and understanding of public places.


: prototypes :

prototype 1: audio tags
prototype 2: glitch
prototype 3: xchange
coming soon}

: research relevance :
connected communities
public messaging
local vs global communication
ubiquitous computing
mobile computing

: attitude :
fight boredom!
take care!
long live tejp!
we love serendipity!