sonic city
  research process
  wearable design
  sonic experience

Lalya Gaye
engineering, electroacoustics

+ Margot Jacobs
product & interaction design
+ Ramia Mazé
interaction design, architecture
+ Daniel Skoglund
sound art
Sonic City is a project exploring mobile interaction and wearable technology for everyday music creation. We have designed, implemented and evaluated a system that creates electronic music based on sensing bodily and environmental factors. Mapping these to the real-time processing of concrete sounds, Sonic City generates a personal soundscape co-produced by physical movement, local activity, and urban ambiance. Encounters, events, architecture, (mis)behaviours – all become means of interacting with or 'playing the city'.

In this project, our intention is to break out of traditional contexts for music creation to explore creative possibilities within local surroundings and mundane activities. Wearing Sonic City, anyone can experience a simple walk down the street as an expressive act, a path through the city as a personal composition. As a complement to lived urban experience, it is an intimate soundscape intended to enhance perception and encourage new uses of the urban landscape.
project team

This project is a collaboration between the Interactive Institute and the Viktoria Institute. The project team includes: Lalya Gaye (FAL, Viktoria Institute), Margot Jacobs (PLAY, Interactive Institute), Ramia Mazé (PLAY, Interactive Institute) and Daniel Skoglund (8Tunnel2). Participating masters students from the IT University Göteborg include: Sara Lerén (Cognitive Science) and Magnus Johansson (HCI/Interaction Design).

This is the Interactive Institute website on the Sonic City project, link here for the Viktoria Institute's project site.

This project is funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research through the Mobile Services project, by the European Union IST program through the Smart-Its project, and by VINNOVA through the IT+Textiles project.