Outside In is a forum for involving new voices, media and practices in a discourse about the use and design of public space. Combining presentations, workshops, and exhibition formats, Outside In promotes interdisciplinary reflection, participation and action. The symposium will take place from June 14-15th, 2004 at Roda Sten in Göteborg, Sweden.


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  JUNE 14th - 15th SPRING 2004
In recent years, emerging technologies and policies have transformed notions of public space. Mobile phones, surveillance systems and electronic barriers affect how we spend our time, where we go and how we express ourselves.

What are the new perceptions of our cities and public spaces?

What are aesthetic, cultural and social implications?

What is the impact on creative practices, technology development and civic stakeholders?

What are the emerging tactics and processes for public engagement?

What are the opportunities for expression, intervention and participation?

@ Röda Sten, Göteborg, Sweden
Over 2 days, ‘outside in’ will promote reflection, participation and action in public space. Featured will be major international voices in public art and grafitti, design and architecture, activism and urban planning, social sciences and politics.

Combining presentations, panel discussions, and participatory workshops, symposium activities are intended to engage people from a wide variety of disciplines in sharing and creating together. Accepted submissions will be published in conference proceedings and all attendees will contribute to a public exhibition during the conference.

We invite participation from designers, artists, sociologists, activists, theoreticians, policy-makers, community workers, educators, civic {mis)behavors!. . .and everyone concerned with access, design, and use of public space today!