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STATIC! is a design research project led by the Interactive Institute that was active between 2004-2005. It was very successful and still receives lots of attention world wide. Interactive Institute are now working with several other energy related projects, feel free to contact us for information about our current activities!

Christina Öhman & Sara Backlund Interactive Institute

STATIC! Project News

The Flower Lamp is one of the TIME Best Inventions 2006! | 2006-11-08

Every year, TIME Magazine collects the coolest inventions from all over the world. This year, the Flower Lamp from the Interactive Institute's design research project 'STATIC!', is one of the nominees in 2006. TIME magazine nominees 2006.

STATIC! at top research exhibit - WIRED NextFest in New York | 2006-10-03

Once a year the top R&D teams and innovators from around the world gather to show their results at Wired NextFest in the USA. This year it was held in New York September 28 - October 1 and it was a great success! Interactive Institute and the Static!-project was invited to exhibit five of our prototypes; the Element, the Energy Curtain, the Power Aware Cord, the Flower Lamp and the Erratic Radio.

Paper accepted! | 2006-06-02

The research paper "Static! - The Aesthetics of Energy in Everyday Objects", written by Sara Backlund, Magnus Gyllenswärd, Anton Gustafsson, Sara Ilstedt-Hjelm, Ramia Mazé and Johan Redström, has been accepted to the Wonderground conference which will take place in Lisbon, Portugal 1-5 November 2006.

STATIC! in Times Journal of Construction and Design | 2006-05-17

The Static!-project and specifically the prototype 'The Energy Curtain' are the topics of the article 'A Delightful Experience' written by Niranjan Mudholkar in the April issue of 'Times Journal of Construction and Design'. See the PDF here.

Signed agreement! | 2006-05-16

Great news today, as an agreement has been signed by an entrepreneur regarding the rights to manufacture the Power Aware Cord. This opportunity opens for energy-saving multi-boards in Swedish homes in the near future. Check out the progress at .

Article published in Digital Life | 2006-04-21

Project manager Sara Backlund has published the article 'Design - mer än bara snygg form!' in the latest issue of the magazine Digital Life.

STATIC! featured in Miljöaktuellt | 2006-03-09

The Static-project is featured in the article "Talande prylar sparkar oss i baken" in the latest issue of Miljöaktuellt.

STATIC! in a flammable exhibition | 2005-11-09

The exhibition "Brännbart - Material, design och brandskydd" ("Flammable - Material, design and fireproofing") opened today at Svensk Form on Skeppsholmen, Stockholm. The prototypes 'The Element' and 'The Power-Aware Cord' prototypes are being displayed.

STATIC! prototypes exhibited at FUTURE DESIGN DAYS! | 2005-11-09
Prototypes from the Static! project will be exhibited at the Future Design Days conference in Stockholm, November 14-15. During two days, you will be able to see and try out the Energy Curtain, the Power-Aware Cord and the Element. Welcome to visit us at the exhibition (location C04:11)!

Power-Aware Cord receives patent | 2005-09-15

Appearing Pattern Wallpaper exhibited at Kulturhuset | 2005-08-17
The Appearing Pattern Wallpaper has been invited to be part of the exhibition Extra Ordinary, which is shown at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, August 27 - October 16, 2005. Around twenty international designers and artists are invited to show their work at the exhibition, everyday objects with poetic, irrational or surreal features that embraces the emotional and intellectual qualities of design.

Static! at WIRED NextFest

The STATIC! project will be exhibited at WIRED NextFest 2005 in Chicago June
24-26! Once a year the top R&D teams and innovators from around the world
gather to showcase their results at the WIRED NextFest in the USA. This
year, the Interactive Institute has been invited to exhibit three of the
prototypes from STATIC!; the Power-Aware Cord, the Energy Curtain and the
Flower Lamp.

Welcome to the 3rd ENERGY+DESIGN seminar! | 2005-05-31
We welcome you to the third ENERGY+DESIGN seminar in Göteborg June 7. Speakers will be:
- Otto von Busch, PhD Candidate, HDK, School of Design and Crafts, Göteborg University
- Margot Jacobs, Industrial & Interaction Designer, Interactive Institute DESIGN Göteborg studio

Welcome to the 2nd ENERGY+DESIGN seminar & exhibition! | 2005-05-03

We welcome you to the second ENERGY+DESIGN seminar and exhibition in Göteborg May 18 on the theme 'Energihushållning för Framtiden'. Speakers will be:
- Michael Johansson, Product Manager, AB Ludvig Svensson
- John Holmberg, Docent, Chalmers

STATIC! at Energitinget | 2005-03-08
On the 8th and the 9th of March results from the STATIC! project were exhibited at Energitinget in Eskilstuna. In addition STATIC! project members Margot Jacobs, Ramia Mazé, Johan Redström, and Christina Öhman will be giving presentations.

STATIC! at CHI 2005 | 2005-02-01

The short paper 'Power-Aware Cord:Energy Awareness Through through Ambient Information Display'' written by and Anton Gustafsson and Magnus Gyllanswärd has been accepted to the CHI 2005 conference, Portland, Oregon USA, April 2-7.

TW0 STATIC! papers are accepted to CUMULUS

Approved funding from Region Västra Götaland | 2004-12-02

Funding from Region Västra Götaland has been approved to establish an Energy+Design network within the region. This project starts in January 2005, and will act as a regional complement to the larger research project STATIC!, a collaboration between Interactive Institute studios based in Eskilstuna and Göteborg, funded by Energimyndigheten (STEM).


Members from both the DESIGN Göteborg and POWER studios and external guests from Imego met to discuss progress and future work for STATIC!.


On Setember 13th-14th members from both the DESIGN Göteborg and POWER studios and external guests met to discuss progress and future work for STATIC!.

DESIGN Göteborg WELCOMES NEW MEMBER! | 2004-09-07

DESIGN Göteborg welcomes Andreas from AARHUS to the DESIGN Göteborg STATIC team.