The Interactive Institute
{The Interactive Institute} is an innovation-oriented research organization investigating the impact of digital media for society, politics, industry and culture. Comprised of several studios spread throughout Sweden, the Institute supports collaboration between art, technology, science and enterprise in the development of digital media concepts, products and entrepreneurship. {}

The {PLAY}research studio in Göteborg investigates and invents the future of human-computer interaction. As computers be
come more and more a part of everyday life, the previous view of computers as strictly a work-oriented tool will change.

We believe that in the future, computation will become just another material for design, and take a natural place in human existence alongside other basic technologies such as writing and electricity. The research in {PLAY} will prepare us for that future. {PLAY} focuses on experimental design for everyday life with themes centered particularly on textiles, game patterns and public space.

{PLAY}| {The Interactive Institute}
Hugo Grauers Gata 3 SE-41296
Göteborg Sweden

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Röda Sten
{Röda Sten} is a cultural landmark that lies at the sea entrance of the city. Once housing a huge industrial boiler, Röda Sten is an exceptional center of the arts today.The goal of Project Röda Sten is to develop the surrounding area into a Nordic cultural center for art, theatre, music and dance and to hold international exhibitions of the highest caliber. Inside Röda Sten, a dynamic space offers opportunities to create works of large scale while the outside of the building remains a free zone for the graffiti artists of Göteborg. This unconventional exhibition space sets the scene for daring, ground -breaking explorations to take place. {contact}

Everwanting Streets
Everwanting Streets is inviting practitioners of different genres and techniques to get together and work alongside one another to create an inspired dialogue between nature and culture, street art, graffiti, “green” city spaces and other expressions of urban life. The aim of Everwanting Streets is to interact and interweave with the site, the city, visitors and practitioners themselves.

Become a Partner!
On June 14 and 15, Göteborg, Sweden will merge art, design, architecture, urban planning, urban theory, youth culture, politics and the voices of the people. Invited participants and the public at large will gather together to present work, generate important discussion, and create, making Outside In something never before seen in Sweden. For more information on how to become a partner of Outside In, please contact:

Margot Jacobs
{m} +46 (0)0734055867

In addition to Outside In taking place in Göteborg is other cool stuf fis going on including:

Everwanting Streets of course!! June 13th - end of August! This exhibition will rule!

The Mobile Music Workshop taking place from June 10-11th at IT University.